Loss be the Journey

Many people have noticed that I’ve lost weight. Of course I’m not being very shy about it and to be honest with you why should I? Since last week Monday, June 27, 2016, I have lost over 16 pounds. I haven’t been doing any weird diets, I have not been doing any medications, nor have I been starving myself. What I have been doing is just watching my calories, which is a lot easier than I initially thought it would be. After conducting some research I’ve realized that I need to be between 1,400 and 1,600 calories per day. This is more than enough calories to survive, and actually not starve yourself. I have discovered that anything under 1,200 calories can actually make your body believe you are starving and go into starvation mode. The other thing that I’ve discovered, besides that I’ve been eating wrong all these years, is that I’ve been eating wrong all these years. I know I just totally looked like an idiot but, it is the honest truth. What I mean is that I have always thought eating a bigger breakfast because it’s the 1st meal the day was the way to go. Come to find out, that’s not actually true as far as I’m concerned. The 1st meal the day needs to be enough to get you up and going until your snack, and that’s all. Your biggest meal of the day in my opinion needs to be your dinner, because that’s the longest stretch in between eating. However, your dinner also needs to be the smartest meal of the day.

With my new eating habits I’m trying to stay between 300 and 400 calories per meal. I’m also having a small stack after breakfast and after lunch to help tie me through, which totals no more than 100 calories. This gives me between 500 and 700 calories for dinner, which I figured out is actually a lot.

lunchLet me give you an example of the lunch I had today. This picture shows two Jenny ‘O Turkey Franks, 2 pieces of Sara Lee Low Calorie Wheat Bread and a Smart Ones lunch of Tomato Basil Chicken with Spinach. I also added “freebies” like Mustard and Mrs. Dash seasoning to add flavor without calories. All of this food totals only 390 calories for lunch. Can I say that I was full? Yes I can.

Now another thing that I have done is join HealthyWage though my work. This site is coordinating a 5 person team “Biggest Looser” for the company I work for. The team that looses the highest percentage in 12 weeks wins $10,000!  I also entered a separate bet of $120.00 that I will loose 75 lbs by the end of the year. Well, If I win my personal bet, I will win almost $500.00 so that is another incentive for eating right and becoming healthy.

So…I think that I will finally use this site to post my successes to keep me honest. Also, if my losses can inspire another then good for the both of us!  I am here to help, if anyone wants a partner or friend during their journey, please let me know!! I am also planning on posting some more pictures and recipes for everyone that I have tried and make life better.

Until next time, Loss be the journey!